CFAPRO Database on the Bloombergs- January 2018

Bloomberg for Education and CFA Institute today announced CFAPRO on the Bloomberg Terminal, a function that matches the Learning Outcome Statements of the CFA® Program to Bloomberg data, news and analytics. Those with access to a Bloomberg Terminal can review the database by typing {CFAPRO<GO>}.

Interest in the CFA® Program has increased 28 percent globally over the past five years, especially in mainland China, India, and Brazil, according to CFA Institute. To help address the demand and support candidate learning, Bloomberg for Education reviewed all Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) of the CFA® Program and identified 387 Bloomberg Terminal functions that map to the majority of the concepts. The result, CFAPRO, is a database that connects theory to practice.

“Bloomberg is a hub for the financial community, and we hope CFAPRO will help increase market literacy among aspiring and experienced finance professionals,” said Rob Langrick, Bloomberg for Education Head. “This new technology on the Bloomberg Terminal should give students a solid leg up on the career ladder.”

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