‘Fin-tertainment’- Films on finance

Most of us love watching movies for entertainment. But movies can be a great source of knowledge too! Finance can be very, very  boring except for the geeks who enjoy it. ‘Financial’ movies come to the rescue. These movies highlight financial concepts as part of a...

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A hiccup in the US repo market

Savvy market participants in the US are pointing to a recent injection of about $53 billion by the Federal Reserve into the “repo” market. What is this repo market? Repo is short for repurchase. These are extremely short-term  (overnight, a few days, a week)...

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Final word on Yes Bank.

The YES bank story is still unfolding. I was wrong, there are cockroaches in more places than I had thought. Many more companies to whom YES has lent may default, especially if an economic downturn is impending. Evidence of sizable call writing positions, hundreds of...

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