Winter 2018 Conference of the Multinational Finance Society January 12-14, 2018, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: September 15, 2017

The objective of the conference is to bring together academic researchers, educators, doctoral students and practitioners from various international institutions to focus on timely financial issues and research findings pertaining to industrialized and developing countries including the recent financial and economic crisis.
Papers in all areas of finance, accounting, banking and economics dealing with developed and developing countries are welcome. Specific topics include, but are not limited to: Asset Pricing; Banking; Behavioral Finance; Buyouts; Capital Structure; CDS; Commodities; Contagion in Financial Markets; Corporate Governance; Corporate Restructuring; Cost of Bankruptcy; Credit Scoring Models; Cross Listing; Derivatives; Emerging Markets; Entrepreneurship and Finance; Executive Compensation; Financial Accounting; Financial Analysts; Financial Reporting; FX Arbitrage; International Business; Investment Banking; IPOs; M&As; Macro Finance; Market Efficiency; Market Microstructure; Payout Policy; Portfolio Management; Real Options; Regulation; Risk Measurement; Shipping Finance; Public Sector Financial Constraints in Times of Austerity; Management Traits and Decision Making; The Role of Social Media in the Dissemination of Information; The Management of Restraints in Sources of Finance.
Policy-oriented papers from researchers in government and industry are particularly welcome. Suggestions for the organization of panel sessions on topics of general interest will also be considered.
This conference is unique in that we are opening special sections in international business. We ask that papers be as closely aligned to international finance, international accounting, and international economics as possible.
Please visit our website at to submit a copy of a completed or nearly completed paper or a detailed dissertation proposal or case study (PDF format) by September 15, 2017.