Price reaction to market information.

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Learning Module 5, Topic 1: Information and Market reaction, news updates

There is a broader message in the YES bank posts, that have appeared many times in the blog. It is symptomatic of how its price has moved up and down in reaction to information that comes out from the company, the regulator, its analysts, To this, you can add today’s news ( about Moody’s downgrading Yes Bank subsequent to their announcement of another round of raising capital.)

In well-developed markets, the so-called smart money typically views the upgrades and downgrades of rating agencies as old news. The thinking is that it takes some time for these agencies to conduct their due diligence and put out a statement, while the equity market is much faster to process (even anticipate) these coming announcements. I am not entirely sure if this is true in India generally and will see how the equity of YES reacts to the news. Of course the need to raise capital is not positive, especially since a prior round of Rs 2000 odd crores of capital was raised by them recently (and perhaps why the market should/could have anticipated more on the way). But the price, as always will be the final tell.