Yours truly a trading account.

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Dear old dad | 0 comments

In the time that has elapsed, I have also opened an online trading account in India. ICICI-Direct, one of the more expensive brokers my students tell me, colleagues say they are reliable. I am also teaching an MBA Investments Elective, and I feel the pressure even more to become familiar with Indian markets and stocks-US stories will not do. My preference as a trader is to look for stocks that appear to be low in price, perhaps unfairly. One that catches my eye is Graphite India. Company makes graphite electrodes. The charts are scary, it and its larger compatriot HEG have gone from nothing to 1000 and beyond in a year or so. Price-earnings ratios are in the teens, China competition fears seems to be a bit overdone. I take a stab, make a quick double in a few months, India beginner’s luck, I think, do more homework Badri, I tell myself.