Kick off for the Platform for Investor Education (PIE).

by | Oct 7, 2018 | news updates | 0 comments

CCMRM has now obtained a multi-year grant from the Investor Protection Fund of the NSE to develop content for Investor Education.  PIE we are going to call it. We have a kick-off event in September 2018, leading luminaries from the NSE and from the mutual fund industry are in attendance. The full presentation is elsewhere on the site. One of the panelists is of the view that Indian large-cap stocks are over-extended, over-owned. These 150 or so stocks are the only ones with enough liquidity to make short-term trading even worthwhile. The more I watch and read what passes for investor education, the more I am convinced that this can be done better, by people like myself who have decades of experience, teaching, watching and investing in markets. I hope you like our efforts.