What We Are Reading – Volume 2.021

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Twenty First issue of What We Are Reading!

We begin with analysis of Dr. Altman’s Z-Score on the Banking Sector, a metric representing probability of a company entering into bankruptcy within 2 years.

Next is an interesting investment concept explored by Kotak.

Then, we move on to overview of PM Kisan scheme and its impact on rural India by Spark.

Next, there is Macquarie’s piece on outlook of Indian banking sector.

Warren Buffet’s letter 2018 to Berkshire’s shareholder is the next article.

Next, there is update on Global and Indian markets by Credit Suisse

CLSA’s piece on American Socialism talks about the discounting trade deals and China’s role.

Fresh perspective on shared economy and rental space globally is discussed in Wharton School’s article

Then, we have interesting investment insights from Morgan Housel and Ray Dalio in the next 2 articles.

New York Times comes up with an update on one of the world’s largest commute space disruptor Uber.

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