We, at the Centre for Capital Markets and Risk Management (CCMRM), are kick-starting the Let’s spill the beans @ IIM-B, a new series of brainstorming sessions on matters of interest to the financial community. Encompassing a broad range of topics, these sessions have been designed with a two-fold objective:

  1. Enable managements students to apply concepts acquired in classrooms and explore policy solutions to specific problems.
  2. Develop a multi-disciplinary approach to learning by covering a wide variety of topics ranging from financial economics to stock markets.

Just as you would want, these sessions:

* Are only 30 minutes long;

* Are completely informal and relaxed (with unlimited coffee of course!). No need for any presentation and/or slides, unless you want;

* Give YOU the chance to lead a conversation and let the rest of the world follow;

* Are a perfect break from your onerous schedules at IIM-B;

* Give the best speaker for the session a chance to walk away with an assured cash prize!

Other Details:

* Duration: 30 minutes

* Periodicity: Fortnightly (or monthly as necessary)

* Day and time: Wednesday/ Saturday afternoon

* Venue: A classroom based on availability (till the Conference Room at the CCMRM lab gets up and running!)

May we also request you to indicate your interest by filling the short survey (using the attached link).


Looking forward to an interesting association and an overwhelming participation.

Here is a suggestive list of potential topics:

  1. Environmental sustainability in capital budgeting decisions
  2. How Independent are Independent Directors (IDs) on Indian Boards?
  3. Short-Selling in India
  4. Unexplained risk-aversion and sensitivity to financial scams in India
  5. Ever-greening of bank loans in India
  6. General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR) – the road ahead
  7. Investor participation in stock markets
  8. Related Party Transactions – reality or sham?
  9. Family-run businesses in India – business or monkey business?
  10. Role of FIIs and FDIs in Indian financial markets
  11. Need for a public debt market in India
  12. The need for a Unified Financial Code for India (proposed by FSLRC)