On this site, resources for both students and scholars are available. Please recognize that the categories are not mutually exclusive.

Resources for Students refers to: a)  Finance lab,; b) Student clubs; c) basic learning about capital markets.  Also included are recent policy developments pertaining to; d) financial sector legislative reform (FSLRC) and; e) financial inclusion, education and literacy.

Resources for scholars is a more traditional page. Its first sub-page- IIM-B resources contains information on data bases available, working papers by IIM finance faculty, a searchable listing of papers written about Indian finance and articles that the Centre for Capital Markets is always collecting.   The second sub-page MSME is a collection of annual reports pertaining to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India- a focus of current interest for the centre. The third subpage is a collection of reports from SEBI, RBI, NSE, Ministry of Finance, World Bank, International Finance Corporation and other institutions that provide data and informed commentary on research issues.